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Bed Bug ID Needed

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  1. superparanoid

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Tue May 8 2018 22:12:19

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    I work at a hotel and we ended up having a bed bug in the office one day. They brought the dogs, and they concluded we were clear.

    About two weeks later I found a single bed bug in my house by my door step and ever since then I've been paranoid.

    I've had the leasing office inspect my apartment twice, and they say they don't see anything but for some reason I just don't trust it.

    My nerves just began to calm, but today, I found what looks like a skin. I have also woken up with all types of itchy bumps I can't tell are my eczema or bites.

    I've worn myself out and would sincerely appreciate an ID.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Wed May 9 2018 8:27:43

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    Nothing bed bug related in the first photos. No one can ID a bite from a photo.

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