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Bed Bug Hell for more than five months

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  1. Gahhh

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri May 15 2015 16:47:34

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    I noticed what I thought was a rash on 12-8-14, and I have been in bed bug hell ever since. I was in an apartment when they first reared their ugly heads. The apartment management had a PCO treat the place five times (so they say), but when I left the apartment on 3-30-15, I found a dead adult on the kitchen floor. When I had somebody clean the apartment on 4-4-15 (the last day of my lease), she said she saw two live baby bed bugs in the kitchen, one in the BR, and two dead adults in the bedroom. I should note that I only saw bed bugs a few times while I was there.

    So, I moved in with a family member on 3-30-15, and I did my best to be careful. I packed my possessions in giant Ziploc bags and air-tight, water-tight containers. Anyway, the first night I slept there, I had some suspicious looking marks on my body when I woke up. I paid for a PCO (highly recommended) to check the place about 10 days later, and he could not find any, although he noted that the bugs hide well.

    Anyway, the bites have continued sporadically. I am concerned that they are in my car and at work as well. I purchased a few passive bed bug monitors from Packtite. I placed one on the other side of my bed's headboard and one on the other side of the driver's seat in my car, but there has been no indication of bed bugs.

    I could call the PCO and have them inspect again, but I'm guessing they wouldn't find anything.

    So, I am asking for help.


  2. Richard56

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri May 15 2015 17:00:37

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    Sorry what brings you here, but that's often the case.

    You seem to be on the right track. But for a number of reasons, you don't want to treat until you find some real evidence -- bugs, eggs, cast skins or fecal. You therefore do not want to treat on "bites" or bite-like reactions alone.

    So keep monitoring as you are. Check the FAQs for more inspection tips. Maybe add interceptor type monitosr like ClimbUps or BlackOuts, if you bed setup supports it. Another professional inspection is also an option.

    If you're really going crazy, there are always canine teams. Just make sure if you go that route, that you only hire a team that does visual verifications for a positive dog hit. You do not want to treat on a false positive dog hit, and without visual verification that can happen, and probably a lot more often than some dog handlers will admit.


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