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    Last year at this time I was 100% in the thick of things. Horrible experience that came out of nowhere. My son somehow brought home bedbugs from sleeping at a friend's house and borrowed some of his clothes. (long story short, got too drunk to come home and kinda got sick on himself). Months later, we went on vacation and a couple weeks later he discovered the bugs.
    He sent me a text message telling me he thought that we had them. I went in his room and found them all over his bed! I about freaked!
    My son doesn't do much but go to work, and then come home. He LIVES in his room. So his room was ground zero. It was in his bed, his dresser, any table or desk or anything in his room.
    I notified the hotel we stayed in that we discovered we had them, so that they could be pro active. I don't know if they did or not. I have never gone back. Won't ever. They never responded.

    We tried to take care of it ourselves using over the counter sprays. Threw out a lot and thought we got it all. Of course a few weeks later it was starting all over again. Sprayed again, and weeks later we were back at square one.

    I was given the number of a local PCO place and they were awesome. He was very impressive with his knowledge and his team came in and worked on our home. And my car. Yes, we put the garbage can in the trunk going to the dump and got them in my car.

    Work was great, they gave me paid leave of 6 weeks in order to get it taken care of and took care of my work area. I thought they were doing it all wrong, but you know it is a year later, I have NOTHING.

    Don't get me wrong, I had my moments and called the PCO place to come check again (today they came over and still no bugs!)

    Why am I here? Not to brag. Because let me tell you these critters got in my home and in my head. It has taken a long time to not think something is crawling on me. I don't have the anxiety I used to have, but sometimes it scares me to think it could happen again....if I am not diligent. That is why I called them today to come check.

    My son moved out a week ago and it has been on my mind: could it stir anything up? Will he be taking it with him not knowing? UGH. I was told by the receptionist at the PCO place that YES he could stir them up. So of course I wanted them to come over. The guy showed up and told me I have done a great job and that I should not worry. I'm still kinda itchy. I want to really clean his room and paint it. But first I am going to buy some traps to check to make sure. It has been a year and no bites. A year and no bugs. It has been a year and don't want to do anything to start over again.

    I still don't put anything on the floor. And all my laundry hampers are lined with garbage bags. And my purse never touches the floor. I bought a new couch and bed at the time of treatment. The bed is encased still. I am a success story. And I am happy to say that.
    You just have to do everything they tell you to do. By the book. And be patient. (that last part I didn't do so well at.)

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