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Bed bug feces? ID please!

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  1. buggedout4life

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Sat May 5 2018 23:53:48

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    Hi there,

    I found this single dropping looking thing on the floor near one of the bed legs. Does this look like bed bug feces? It was very hard and I tried to put water and saliva on it to see if it would smear. I rubbed it in the paper towel in between my fingers while wet and all that came out was that light stain on the paper towel.

    Would love if any of the experts here could help!


    Thanks so much!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Tue May 8 2018 10:28:01

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    Much too large. Bed bug feces is deposited in liquid form.

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