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Bed Bug Feces ID

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  1. grizzlyaddams

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Jan 13 2018 19:22:17

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    I have always been paranoid about bed bugs despite not yet having to deal with them.

    A few weeks ago, my workplace had 1 confirmed bed bug, and then they treated the "area" and put down 40 or so traps which yielded no more sightings.

    So I have been diligently checking my own home, but suddenly I woke up with some red marks on my leg. About 4 of them on the shin and 1 more on the side of my calf. The marks are round and red, they don't look like welts and are not raised. The skin in and around them is flaking. Looks more like eczema, folliculitis, or even flea bites. They do not itch.

    But I dismantled the bed for inspection anyway. Even opened the boxspring to check. There are no signs of any bed bugs. No bugs, no skins, no groupings of feces.

    But I did find what could possibly be solid bed bug droppings? They are not smeared or liquid. They are harder little dots. Almost rubbery. I cannot smash or break them. Nothing happens to them when they get wet even with peroxide. Despite having a flat side, it was not stuck to anything. It was just lying on the carpet under the bed for me to pick up freely. Maybe 2-3mm in width.

    What worried me the most is the handful of pictures I've seen online of solid BB feces have the same approximate size and shape, right down to the little dimple in the middle.

    My house does have many spiders, cellar spiders and otherwise. stink bugs, carpet beetles, lady beetles, and a few months ago, I picked a flea off my shoulder though I have no pets. I also have daughters who use makeup liberally and I have found the very same type of black rubbery "dropping" in her room. The status of that room is the same. No other visible evidence of bed bugs.

    I also have recently rearranged and cleaned many of the rooms in my home from floor to ceiling. Two of the bedrooms were even completely emptied. In my room the area near the bed was completely cleaned and no evidence was found at that time either.

    Anyway here are the pictures, one showing it sitting on an envelope, and another close up showing the shape and dimple. Any help would be appreciated as I have been having a very hard time sleeping.

    Full Picture of "feces" on envelope

    Close Up of "feces"

    Picture of "Bites" for the sake of it

  2. rowhomehorror

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jan 14 2018 23:38:29

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    I cannot ID that speck, but fwiw, I can tell you what I've experienced. The bb poop I've come across was almost like charcoal bits, very brittle and light, and smeared kinda like chalk in my fingers. That poop was found in winter. It was not absorbed into the mattress, but sat on it. I didn't even know it was bb poop at the time. The only other bb poop I came across was in the summer and it was on the carpet near a dead bb I found. I held the speck in my hand, not knowing what it was yet, while hunting for more bugs, and I guess the heat of summer and my fist was enough to liquefy the poop and it was smeared in my hand. Gross. Also, I just spent a long time looking at lou bugs flikr page and he has pics of bb feces that rehydrates when wet. So if you get nothing else from this post, I'm pretty sure if it is bb poop, it will smear if you wet it.

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