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Bed Bug Fecal Matter?

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  1. TryingtoSleepSafe

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Oct 26 2017 3:21:38

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    Hi there, new member to the forum, but unfortunately not a new member to the bed bug community. I had an encounter with bed bugs in an apartment back in 2012 and since then have lived in recurring fear that I might encounter them again, not helped by having OCD.

    I have not personally seen a bed bug since then and am in a different living situation, but recently I noticed some small black spots up on the wall outside my bedroom and my brain automatically went to wondering if they were fecal stains. They're pretty high up near the ceiling, included a quarter for size reference. I also ran my finger over them and there wasn't any smearing, though I'm not sure how long they've been there, and couldn't feel any raised bumps. To note, the last picture is on a piece of paper that I wedged into the corner to help hold an ethernet cable up off the ground, the smear was present on the paper, I didn't rub it off from the wall.

    Either way, I imagine I'll still be constantly on the lookout for these horrible pests, but hopefully someone can help me get some closure on this particular instance.

    Dark Spots by Tryingto SleepSafe, on Flickr

    Dark Spots2 by Tryingto SleepSafe, on Flickr

    Dark Spots 3 by Tryingto SleepSafe, on Flickr

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