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  1. nosoupforyou22

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 16 2016 0:04:05

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    Ok, so this may be sort of lengthy, so bare with me.

    I have had an extreme phobia of bed bugs since I worked in a mental health care facility where people would come in with the bugs LITERALLY crawling on their bodies... Yuck! I have not worked there for a while, though...

    I lived in my previous apartment for 2 years, with no problems. I was extremely paranoid though all the time, checked my stuff constantly, and even had a PCO come in to confirm I was just nuts (lol).

    However, now we moved into another apartment, where we were told upon signing the lease that "the apartment has been inspected, so if there is a future problem, it is the tenant's responsibility to pay for treatment". I should've seen this as a red flag I guess, but I just loved the place and it seemed that nothing could alter my opinion of the place.

    We weren't there maybe 2, 3 months and I saw a "baby" bed bug crawling on my arm. My stomach sank, and I knew exactly what it was. I squished it, and blood came out. Thus ensued me crying for 5 days straight, not eating, or sleeping... I know, I'm a little dramatic.

    Anyway, we have thrown out most of our belongings, despite suggestions not to do so... My paranoia wouldn't let me keep the stuff. All of it was hand-me-down stuff anyway, so it didn't hold much value in comparison to fear. We kept all of our clothes, had them all washed/dried at the highest settings, and I stored everything else into totes/garbage bags, or cleaned thoroughly with the highest percentage alcohol I could find. Those items bagged are currently being "treated" with nuvan strips. I also have some of our electronics in a u haul type of trailer that belonged to my dad, sealed airtight, with several more of the strips.

    Here is my main concern. I literally only found one bug, and the PCO that came in to confirm the bug's identity did not find any other signs... No dead bugs, shells, found some spots that could've been fecal matter, but could not confirm. And like I said, the bug I found was not an adult, it was definitely an early stage. I am so scared that I could've brought something to my mother's house? Before I found the bug, I know for a fact I had been at my mom's house while we had just recently moved in. It's hard to tell where the bug even originated from, but I'm just assuming from our apartment. The neighbor next to us has been rumored to be a hoarder, and is never home... I also peeked into the back of the apartment and it looked filthy. I have been staying with her until I can find another place, because I decided to get the heck out of dodge... But I'm seriously at my wit's end. If I brought them to her house too, then not only do I feel bad for her, but I have to retreat all the other crap that I didn't put into storage with nuvan strips. What do you experts believe the likelihood of this happening to be? It should be noted that I know I wore clean clothes, and never saw any signs on anything. Even after cleaning/moving every single thing out of the apartment, I never saw a single thing. I got down and checked in cracks/crevices, thoroughly checked things before cleaning them, etc. I hope and pray I am just being extremely fiance tells me I need therapy. lol

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 16 2016 2:05:08

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    I'm not an expert, so my main goal is to bump your thread.

    There are FAQs for traveling. I use them for home. So, it's overkill, but when I come home, I put my purse and shoes in a Ziploc bag (a garbage bag would probably due). And I put my clothes in a Ziploc until I wash them.

    It's hard for anyone to say what your situation is, but the main way to figure it out is through monitoring. I had a scare 5 years ago and was going overboard.

    You'll have to figure out balance, but monitoring really helped me feel like I was in control. Others I know have gone through Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Although I may have had bites from traveling (but it could also be dry skin and stress), I haven't had them. It's a club I'd rather not join. This site does have excellent FAQs, but I stay off for weeks at a time now so it's not my focus.

    I know it's not help, but wishing you the best.

    = TAOT
  3. BigDummy

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 16 2016 13:53:08

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    It was one bug, you're overreacting and that won't help. I would also suggest passive monitors and go from there. Throw nothing else out, go back to your apartment; it was one bug.

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