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Bed bug casing? Bed bug smears? Bed bugs Bites or Fleas:(

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  1. IJustWantToSleepAgain1

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Tue Jul 10 2018 23:48:05

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    I have read a lot of things that have made me calm down, but like most people I need that second opinion to tell me I am OK!
    Unlike most people I have already dealt with bed bugs TWICE in my life. Thank you Toronto and Montreal. (Each had at least two year gaps in between so I know I have not trekked them around with me).
    Link to all the photos:
    This is my current situation:
    -First set of bites all around the top of both socks at the end of May. Panicked and thought bed bugs, but then calmed myself as I figured fleas more likely as they do pretty much full circles of both ankles at the same height on both legs (Have cat that I just introduced outdoors) and I was outside the morning before and remember thinking it's weird my socks are itching me
    -Washed all my bedding, vacuumed my floors, put DE everywhere.
    -No bites for at LEAST 4 weeks since my scourge until Saturday June 30th, where I got four bites behind my knee, three in a cluster and one just off of it. I can't recall my old bed bug bites because it was so long ago but these ones were pretty small... so I calm myself again and think fleas and just vacuum and wash my bedding. I wasn't really outside that day though and napped in my bed with my exposed legs at noon. So still think it could be bed bug bites! (The night before I slept on the couch in full pajama pants so I wouldn't have gotten them at night, only napped in bed during the day)
    -THEN a couple days later I got blood spots on both my pillows. Now my cat HAS gotten blood on my bed before, but one was really small and so I start to panic. Blood smears pictured in imgur link
    -I search my entire bed and find this casing, looks like carpet beetle?? pictures in imgur link
    -Don't get any bites so I assume the bedbug just bit my cat and then maybe he smooshed it or I smooshed it, and then he ate it. (He eats bugs all the time)
    -Still sleeping in my bed, but then last Saturday I see more blood on my bed and it looks like a bed bug smear and it's exactly where my cat was lying during the day so I'm thinking it came out during the day for a meal and then he smooshed it and maybe ate it? I was at my desk "downstairs" at this time(I live in a loft bachelor
    -Didn't sleep in my bed last night, curled up on a chair for the past two nights. Have hardly slept. It's exam time and I can't study. I don't have parents to talk to. I tell some friends and they feel bad but they don't worry for me and can't help. So I just need someone to say it's not bed bugs and I can sleep again I have had stress headaches every day for the last week
    -Contacted a pest control company via email, one guy said it is very unlikely that a bed bug will bite a cat even if I'm 50 feet away, I am still the preference. So that is nice to hear because the first blood spots I was definitely in the bed and had no bites the followin day. But the Saturday one I was working at my desk all day and the blood showed up in the day so I am still not certain.
    -When I called to talk to them again the girl was like "Oh blood smears, sounds like bed bugs", I tell her I have no recent bites, she says "Oh well peoples allergic reactions change, type of bed bugs evolve. Could be bedbugs, we need to do an inspection". I start panicking again.
    -I went to the vet today and they found no sign of fleas, but I did wash him last week so they said I could have just killed the evidence and that with the life cycle of fleas I haven't seen any action as they may be dormant. Or I just got them outside as the grass is often long and neighbourhood cats come to play with mine all the time

    -Got my landlord in two hours ago to help hold my bed while I inspect the seams. Don't find anything, but there is carpet and wood floor boards, and a huge wooden slat base with so many places that they could hide I can't be sure. I'm going to sleep in my bed again but honestly I couldn't even study, I can't focus on anything but the thought of what if I have bed bugs again? Please help with an expert opinion !!
    -I feel like all of these things happening at once are very unlucky, finding this *hopefully* carpet beetle casing, getting flea bites, and my cat bleeding on my bed(I did see some healing cuts in both paws) that perhaps its not a coincidence at all and maybe it's bed bugs

  2. mannrw61

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Fri Jul 13 2018 23:03:24

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    Casing seems to be carpet beetle. Not sure about the blood stains.

    Current fighter of bed bugs, survivor of one previous bout of bed bugs, and ironically enough I'm the IPM manager where I work.

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