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Bed Bug Blood/Fecal Stains?

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  1. Anivi

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Thu Aug 9 2018 3:56:09

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    I recently bought a used mattress (I know, I know, terrible idea; should've gone with a new one) and even though I checked it thoroughly for bed bug feces and such and found nothing, I'm still paranoid about it being infected. A couple of days after I bought it, I noticed these two stains. If I did get bitten, then I just missed the bug, as it was about 9 pm when I noticed these and I was sitting in bed for probably less than half an hour. I checked the covers at most a couple of hours beforehand due to paranoia.

    Is it common for bed bugs to come out before the host is asleep? Sorry the pictures are a little smudged and lighter in color than they were when I first saw them. Bed bugs hadn't crossed my mind at first, and I tried to wipe off the stains thinking they were something else. Finger is for size reference, although note that I have rather small hands.

    Any help is greatly appreciated; thank you and the paranoia alone has turned me off any used furniture purchases in the future.

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