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Bed bug bites?

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  1. JJD

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sun Jul 8 2018 17:39:45

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    Hi. Hope someone can help. Stayed at a hotel a month ago and my wife and I noticed a bunch of bites after a few days at home. Have not seen any sign of bugs like fecal stains or shells and have been tearing the bedroom up every few days to look.
    I should say the original bites were the size of dimes with a white head in center. Since then have had other things that may be bites but are all different shapes and sizes. Some like small pimples, some like raised red bumps with hole in center, others are just raised red discoloration. They can last a day or a week before they fade. Only minor itching but not on every one.
    I should also mention I have bad skin so breakouts not uncommon. My question is have people seen that much variability in the bites on one person or am I worrying myself over nothing

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