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Bed bug bite reaction : age / hereditary factors?

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    Mon Jul 15 2019 20:24:39

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    A few years ago, my dad's house had a bed bug infestation. This only came to light when I was visiting & got bites -- I'd had them in my own place a couple years before, so I was familiar with them. He was exhibiting no reaction to them whatsoever, so we had no idea how long they'd been there. (And yes, it was confirmed to be bed bugs by a PCO - he did a chemical treatment and that was the end of them).

    I've read that somewhere between 20% - 30% of humans are immune to the itchy red welts that make life hell for the rest of the population, and I'm curious if (a) age is a factor -- my father was about 80 years old when this happened, and (b) is there any evidence that bite-reaction immunity is a genetic trait? (Obviously it's not in my case.)

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