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BBs confirmed, steps taken--now what?

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  1. WeltsAbound

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Thu Sep 13 2018 16:25:20

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    Bed bugs have been confirmed by k9 and visual inspection, most likely coming through the walls from my neighbors house.

    So: I alerted the landlord, who seems hapless and keeps repeating that she's never had this problem in 35 years. Still, she has called a professional and we're waiting to hear back.

    I have ordered encasements for all mattresses and pillows, arriving Saturday. I have vacuumed furniture and disposed of the bags, washed and dryer all blankets and pillows.

    Now what?

    How do people stay calm while waiting for professional treatment (besides eating frozen cake from the box, which is what I'm doing now)? I don't want to go overboard with my measures while we're waiting for PCO, it anything else I should do proactively?

    And HOW do I keep this scourge from spreading to my office, friends, family? I'm drying all my clothes and shoes before I wear them and leaving my purse in the car. Is this enough?

    Thank you all for providing this space to learn and seek support.

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