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BB Veteran. Am I about to go into BB WWII?

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  1. aquawolf90

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sat Sep 15 2018 13:10:06

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    Hey all,

    I lived in NYC 5 years ago and went through a HORRIFIC bed bug experience. Like there were so many in the next apartment that they moved in my apartment, kind of experience. Anyway, so I've lived in Vegas for a while now and eventually got over my PTSD. Until about a month ago. I went out to dinner with friends and took an Uber home. Right after I got home, I noticed a single itchy welt (my general reaction to BB bites)on the small of my back. Honestly, my first thought was bed bug so I took off all of my clothes, shoes, and the purse I had in the car with me then put them in the washer with hot water and then into the hot dryer. BUT I made one key mistake. I didn't want to ruin the beautiful but fragile bag so I DIDN'T put it in the dryer!!! Instead, I put it up in the semi-empty closet of the spare room, that I sometimes used for a study.

    So move forward 8 days and I was sitting in that room doing homework when all of a sudden I felt this itchiness inside my shirt. Sure enough, in the area right between my shoulder and my armpit, there were was a tight formation of smaller welts (about 5). In the past, I pretty much reacted right away to being bitten. I'm HIGHLY allergic to these bites. Anyways, so I pretty much freak out because I know what it's like to have an infestation. So honestly, I get rid of that chair (bag it and have my stepdad take it a nearby remote dumpster. I launder the very few clothes in the closet and put them away. I even got rid of the cheap wooden desk that was in there (no bed or any other furniture in the room)Go through everything and recheck everything. I check my own bed, headboard, boxspring, mattress. Removed any excess stuff from my room (made sure there were no BB in any first) I called a local K9 bedbug place and they were really sweet, but pretty much told me that without visual confirmation they wouldn't do much. So I told myself that I would wait until was bitten again. So after a week, nothing. I felt a bit better. THennnnnnnnn 14 days later, I was sitting on the bus and I felt this crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy itching. Reaching down, there are these huge welts popping up on the back of my upper leg. There was a circle of 5 with a random one a bit to the side.

    I freaked out. When I got home, I went straight upstairs, washed my clothes and bag in the hottest water and put them in the hottest dryer. I rechecked my room and the other room again. Veryyyy thoroughly. That was 3 days ago and I woke up this morning with a non-itchy, slightly red welt on the side of my neck. It is a single one (which I though was odd) and I'm honestly scared. After looking everywhere, I have yet to see them, but it would be a small infestation so they could be anywhere!
    I reallyyyyyyyyy want confirmation from an expert, but I don't think they'll find much right now. So should I just wait for it to get worse so someone will actually help me?

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sat Sep 15 2018 16:19:17

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    Skin lesions don't always mean bed bugs are present. You should leave out some monitor devices.

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