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BB free for almost 2 months and now..

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  1. ThisBItes

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Jan 30 2010 15:32:33

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    So I have been bb free for two months now and I just went out to my dumpster to throw out my trash and there were two mattresses leaned up against it with BEDBUGS written in black marker on the sides of both of them along with a bed frame in the dumpster itself. First of all I live in a high-rise so they had to take it out via the elevator we all use and second of all this mattress was so infested it was covered in fecal stains and visibly had live bugs on it and I'm sure eggs as well. I am already itching and have the crawly feeling on my skin. Am I right to be pissed they took it out through the elevator? Could they have possibly exposed all of us to their bbs? Shouldn't they have disposed of it otherwise?? If I get re infested by their possibly unwitting ignorance I will be PISSED. Any input anyone has will be greatly appreciated!

  2. bb_gave_me_ocd

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Feb 3 2010 14:02:46

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    It's justifiable to be pissed that they took it out through the elevator as it's possible to spread them that way. However it's also not guaranteed that they will have been spread in this case. Infested stuff should be wrapped in plastic before being taken through the common areas. Is the building management aware of the problem in the building? All the residents should be educated.

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