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Bat Bugs II and a PCO recommendation

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  1. buggeroff

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Mon Sep 24 2007 14:32:55

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    Well, they're back.

    Some of you will remember that I discovered bat bugs (which are basically just bed bugs that arrive via a different mode of transportation) in my house in late June and agonized over which PCO to hire. Well, in the end, it appears, I chose right. The technician came out in early August and sprayed a lot of Suspend or something around the inside and outside of the house and he bombed the attic with a pyrethroid. Maybe three weeks ago, I woke up scratching my arm and just about cried. There were over a dozen small, very itchy bites all over my wrist - they were back.

    I called the same PCO company and got a manager. His first reaction was to pull out my contract and point out that I had not signed up for the every-90-days annual service contract. I protested, arguing that 90-day intervals between treatments would basically just guarantee that I would have them forever. I was just gearing up for a real fight with Mr Manager when he suddenly changed. The technician who first came wasn't with the company anymore, the manager would be out to my house with a different technician on Friday. He wanted to do an inspection, he wanted me to clear stuff out of the two upstairs bedrooms, he wanted access to baseboards, furnitures, mattresses, etc. Had I seen any more bugs.

    Mr. Manager arrived on time with his flashlight and in about 10 minutes had found one dead middle-instar bug and something that was probably a cast skin. He asked about my National Allergy vinyl covers (he's been using the more expensive ones). He wanted to know where I got Drione (I didn't lie). He was 100% engaged, knowledgeable about control techniques and thoroughly up-to-date with the growing bed bug problem around the country. The new technician arrived while Mr. M was inspecting and together they sprayed and bombed the house. They set up a time for a repeat inspection and treatment in two weeks - I didn't even have to ask. If they are still finding bugs at that point (this Friday) they will come again two weeks after that.

    I think I'm in love!

    This company did not have to come back out to my house and re-treat and they certainly didn't have to do it free of charge, given the contract I had signed. You could argue that it was their own fault they didn't treat correctly the first time, but it's not so clear to me that they were wrong. I talked to three different PCOs, including one Orkin affiliate, and they had three radically different ideas about what to do. None of them did more than say they'd come back if the bugs reappeared. This PCO offered what seemed to me the treatment most likely to succeed, given that repeat visits were not part of the deal. Now, however, I am pretty confident that they are doing everything a person could ask of a PCO.

    The company's name is Connor's Pest Protection and it is based in Northern Virginia, within easy reach of DC. The manager's name is John Caffo.

    I recommend them to DC-area BB victims.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Mon Sep 24 2007 16:12:29

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    It sounds like the basis for a great relationship, buggeroff. Mazel tov!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. hatebugstoo

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Mon Feb 23 2009 18:23:36

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    Is your problem resolved now, no more BBs? Still using Connor's?

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