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Bat bugs

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  1. Alleyanne

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Sep 27 2017 13:52:00

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    I just wanted to share my story about Bat bugs, the bed bugs twin brother. If it was not for this website I would have had no idea that they would have existed and I probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now.

    In May of this year I discovered what I thought to be an infestation of bedbugs. I found some in the corner of my bedroom, far away from my bed and I also found some coming from the cracks in between the wall and the ceiling in the bathroom. Working in the social work field I am quite familiar with bed bugs and knew that it was easier and practical to pay a PCO to remove the bugs.
    He came the next day, I discussed with him the possibility of bat bugs because we had a colony of bats. but after some mis information I was told that it could not be bat bugs because little brown bats migrate and I had a huge infestation so I got these bugs well into the winter. He looked at the bed and there was no evidence. He decided that the BB's established themselves in the walls. I frantically threw out most of my belongings and have been living out of my dinning room.
    The PCO came back three more times to do a chemical treatment on every room in the house. fast forward to July, august, I am still finding nymph bugs. Ok whatever he said that they would keep coming out of the walls and the chemicals would kill them once they past the threshold. So I spent more money trying to caulk up every room in my home. But I woulf find one or two alive or near death everyday. I could not get rid of these bugs and its hard to get your life back when they are weighing so heavily on your mind. When your friends want to come over and you have to tell them no.
    Fast-forward to this month and I am seeing more and more bugs. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown it had been four months since the treatment and we still had bb's.
    I decided to do some more reading about bat bugs and their are a few posts on this forums about them. You need a microscope to be able to tell the difference. so I sent a few samples to the Cornell entomology lab. I highly suggest them. Turns out they are bat bugs. Since it is almost October the bats are starting to migrate.
    The chemical treatments are still going to kill them and now I have to pay more money to get the bats out.
    But for some reason I am relieved maybe because I know that an end is near. maybe because I know now that they need bat blood to reproduce and I don't have to worry as much about spreading them to my friends family or clients. or finally the fact that I actually did not pick up bedbugs from somewhere and it gives me a sense of relief.
    I still have to be vigilant while they are coming out of their hiding places to find food because the bats are leaving this Monday.
    This site has been so helpful getting everyone's opinions experiences and support.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Sep 27 2017 22:43:59

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    Post rescued from spam filter. Shouldn't happen to you again.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. loubugs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Sep 28 2017 4:15:34

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    Did you contact the PCO to tell him that his ID was wrong?

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