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Bat Bugs?

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  1. schmima2

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jun 24 2011 12:19:56

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    So a couple of weeks ago a bat fell on me.

    Seriously. I went out for a jog and was leaving my apartment that is in a large old victorian home. I stepped into the foyer and a bat fell on me, yuck. I didn't have any trouble scooting it into a bowl (it was morning so it was the bat's bed time, it was sort of groggy from sleep). I put it outside and didn't think anything of it for about a week. Last friday was when I found...the bug. dun dun dun.

    I was sitting in bed on my computer and saw the sucker crawling from the sheets by my right thigh. When I grabbed it and crushed it I became concerned because there was blood! I thought that maybe this was a tick because I had been camping in the wilderness the week before. After putting my critter into a container in case I had to send it in for lyme testing I began to research and discovered that my bug looked eerily similar to a bed bug. I became TOTALLY convinced that this was what it was. After flipping out until 4 in the morning I declared war. I had no bites on my body and I have since had exterminators check and my land lord check for more.

    The exterminators confirmed that my specimen was a Bed bug. We have found nothing more though. After doing more research I found out about bat bugs. They come in on a bat host and if the bat is removed they can come to humans. They are pretty much the same as bed bugs. Yesterday (6 days after I killed the bug) I found three very tiny bites on my thigh (looked a bit like razor burn) they don't itch at all. I started freaking again and called my land lord the exterminators until I found out that bed bug bites can take up to 14 days to show up on some people. I am thinking that these are from that one bug.

    The exterminators laid out sticky strips to see if there were anymore that showed up in the next few days. There has been nothing and I have torn my apartment apart looking. (even after the exterminators looked! I think I'm going nuts) I have even received a second exterminator opinion and they all seem to think I am fine and that I should just keep my eyes open over the next week and that it could very well have been a bat bug and an isolated incident.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Any recommendations?? I feel so helpless. I guess I have it better than some though! Any advice on the difference between bed and bat bugs? I have this paranoid feeling that the one bug I found laid eggs in all of my clothing and that they will hatch and unleash their havoc.

  2. Louise

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Jun 24 2011 15:18:02

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    We found out we had bats in the walls of our cabin three years ago. We excluded the bats in the fall, and the next summer, I discovered the first live bat bug. (I had found a dead one inside the cabin the year before, prior to excluding the bats.) Upon tearing the room apart, we found three more.

    After the initial panic and ensuing lack of sleep, I calmed down. We encased the mattresses and boxsprings, caulked every crack in that room, and didn't store clothes there at all. We treated everything that came home from the cabin as "potentially contaminated" for the rest of the summer.

    We did not treat beyond that (although I was *very* close to having the place heat-treated, at the height of my panic).

    The next spring (last year) we came out and took fewer precautions, eventually inviting guest out and taking virtually no precautions. We've had no bites and no signs of bugs (and I still do look for the latter on occasion).

    We have also since found out that the people who built the cabin and stayed there for 25-some years would find a bat *inside* once or twice every couple of years. They reported no issues with bat bugs.

    Another poster - babydoll? - discovered bat bugs more recently. I'm not sure if she's updated anything about her situation lately, though.

    Not sure if this helps at all. Do you still have your bug? If so, is its pronotum still intact so that a definitive ID could be made?

    Otherwise, it sounds like you're in wait-and-see mode.

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