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baby bug in climb up after 3rd treatment -landlord no help

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  1. stuckintennessee

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jun 30 2017 8:44:01

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    Short history:

    Moved into new apartment that had prior occupants. Two weeks after moving in, woke up over a period of 2 days with over 50 bites on both arms. My visual inspection found one dead bug on the carpet on a shared wall and three spots of fecal matter on my mattress pad. Washed & dried all of my bedding immediately.

    Working with apartment's pest control company, their visual inspection found NOTHING and they hesitated to treat. After their consult with mgt, decided to lightly dust my room. (three bedroom apt) The following morning I found a live bug on my toe in the kitchen.

    PCO came on Monday and treated the entire apt. At that time, PCO found a baby on the couch.
    Came back a week later and sprayed again, PCO found no evidence. I found 2 dead ones the night of the treatment. PCO came the third week and treated with a residual. I slept in my bedroom for the first night since treatment began after adding encasements and climb ups. Received a bite that night. 5 days later received another bite and found a baby in the interceptor. Received another bite last night with nothing in the interceptor.

    Chemicals used have been transport, temprid and I can't find the receipt showing the other chemical.

    PCO continues to find NO evidence and says their treatment is complete and that I must be bringing them in from the outside. Neither my car nor my work have any evidence of infestation. I have dried everything I own and sealed it in a tote with a gasket. Anything not dry-able has been sealed in a bag with NuVan strip.

    I am the only roommate getting bites and I am the only one that shares a common wall. Landlord REFUSES to inspect other apartments. Says there is no evidence based off the PCO report. The bugs we have found and have confirmed to be bed bugs are apparently not enough proof?

    My question is - now what? Landlord has offered to let us out of our lease but I don't want to move the bugs with me. Do I have a case for legal action against the landlord since he refuses to let us hire our own heat treatment nor inspect the other units? I'm in Tennessee where the laws are not clear.

    How do I get someone else to rent to us when I now have a history of bedbugs?


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