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Are those bed bug blood stains ?

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Jun 2 2013 17:31:49

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    I have browsed this forum for couple of weeks and learned a lot.
    The FAQ and other discussions are all very valuable to me.

    I lived in single family house by myself. I purchased a used desk from a yard sale in March and carried back with my car. One day later, I found there were some eggs on the backside of the desk, so I throw it away immediately. However, the bugs might already get into my car and garage, then to my home.

    A week later, I've start get bitten. I saw some bite mark with three in a row pattern. There were also some dirty marks on my sheets(I washed and dried the sheets so didn't keep the evidence). I couldn't find anything in my mattress. My bed doesn't have box spring either. After search online, I ordered DE powder and put it everywhere. I also bagged all my clothes and got rid of all furniture in my bedroom.

    Looks like it didn't solve the problem. I called a pest control company and scheduled a inspection. The pest control people came and looking around the bed and couldn't find anything. He suggested to place an active bedbug monitor for $200 and I declined.

    I bought a iron metal bed frame(a mistake because the frame has many holes and tubes? ), encased my mattress, put climb up interceptors under the legs of the bed frame, circled the legs with double sided tape. I also taped the mattress protector's zipper and holes on the bed frame. I bought new white sheets for my beds. I also put down lots of glue traps around my bed. The bitten became less frequently but didn't stop.

    I brought in another PCO and the PCO could not find anything close to my bed, nothing in the climb up interceptors either. He didn't check the metal frame. After the inspection, I still got bitten. I doubt the bugs should be still somewhere.

    I put all my belongings into plastic bins and stored them in my garage. I still actively watching daily around my bed. I might get the passive monitor as well.

    I have couple of questions:

    1. For the bed frame. Should I get rid of the metal bed platform frame and get a light colored wood bed frame, or should I use most simple iron bed riser with encased box spring, or should I get a wood slat bed frame with metal legs ? I'm looking at Nomad platform bed frame. For the wood slat bed frame, do I need DE all the connection and slats junctions?

    2. For the wall to wall carpet. I have wall to wall carpet in all of my bedrooms. It's very hard to steam all the carpet. I'm wondering if I should replace the carpet with ceramic tiles. So it maybe easier to deal with problem.

    3. For DE application. If I put the DE around the carpet edge, how could I steam the edge of the carpet every other day? Should I vacuum up DE every week, steam the edge of carpet, then after carpet is dry, reapply the DE again?

    4. For the furniture. My wife and my baby will move to my place very soon and I need buy some new furniture. What type of furniture is the best for bed bug prevention? I plan to get a dining table, chairs, and a new baby crib.

    5. Here are some marks I found recently on my sheet and pillow, are those bed bug blood stain?

    Sorry for ask a lot questions. I just want to clear out the problem.

    A side thought, is that possible to put some bed bug hormone inside the bed bug passive monitor to increase the chance that bed bug will be attracted to it?

    Thanks a lot. Wish everyone get their bug problems solved.

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