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Are they back?!?!

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  1. nightmareinbk

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Aug 16 2013 9:34:00

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    I posted my saga here ( and am back for advice...

    We thought we were in the clear, and as for the initially infested rooms it seems we are (new roommate has no bites and no signs of bugs).

    However, in the last couple weeks I've had reoccurring bites on my legs - only below the knees. I've probably had 8 in total, showing up in twos and threes (but not next to each other). I should add that I was under the impression the first time around that I was a non-reactor (found bugs, no bites on me)...

    I've inspected the room daily and washed all bedding regularly. I sleep on a mattress on the floor (with two encasements) and see no signs of skin casts, fecal stains or blood whatsoever. I've been keeping the bare essentials in my bedroom (a chair, a bookshelf and a table) and none of them show signs either.

    We've seen a few mosquitoes in the apartment, but I can't imagine they wouldn't have gone for my arms or face as they are more often exposed. I sleep with a sheet in the summer, which often doesn't cover my legs by the middle of the night, so it's possible they could have access to me.

    Would your advice be to just keep looking out? I hate having to wait for more to breed to know for sure. Our PCO is going to "come back once a month to inspect" but given our past experiences with him ( I think it would take a call from us to get him here again.

    I do not have the money to invest in a monitor until at least next week. Fighting this the first time around put me into incredible debt and got me so stressed out that I was sick.

  2. Imoverit

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 30 2016 21:41:36

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    Did you find out if in fact you have BB again?

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