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Are these typical of bedbug bites???

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  1. Buggeroff9001

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 0:05:53

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    Noticed these while getting ready for bed tonight. Itchy Triangle pattern on upper arm. Are these typical of bed bug bites? I haven’t found B.B. in Home but did have similar triangle like pattern on my face about a week ago that didn’t itch - I assumed it was acne at the time. Help! What would you do? Have an inspection? (I work in Home healthcare and found B.B. crawling on myself at the office back at the end of March and since then have tried to be vigilant)

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  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 1:20:16

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    It's not possible to ID bites. Bedbugs can bite more than once, but they don't every time. Many other insects do the same. It could also be completely unrelated to insects at all, something like an allergic reaction or a heat rash. It wouldn't hurt to inspect your bed, or have a professional inspect if you can easily afford it. I only suggest that because you've seen one in your work place though. The marks could definitely be from something else. If you're worried, check. ...but I wouldn't panic over a couple dots if there are no other signs.

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