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Are these beg bugs? Please help. I'm freaking out!

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  1. Cinlb

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Tue Aug 7 2018 3:38:31

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    Me and my daugher (we sleep together) have recently been getting bit at night. These bites itch like crazy and welt up. A couple even swelled up pretty big at one point. I couldn't find any sign of bed bugs so today i gutted the bedroom and was deternined if there are bed bugs i will find them. I didn't find anything living or any other tell tell signs, but i did find these two bugs dead under the bed on the carpet. About a week ago when i first noticed bites i cleaned really good then sprayed poison thinking it was treating fleas from my dog or mosquitos. Never once considering bed bugs until i seen how those bites were reacting and how badly they itched. Im praying this forum tells me good news but i think they can pass for similar to what I've been seeing pics of on the internet how bed bugs look.

    See pic here

    Thank you in advance.

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