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Are these bedbugs?

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  1. Srpouhi

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Dec 5 2017 2:40:00

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    A little bit ago, last Saturday, I spent the night with my friend; and after I left, she started saying that she had started to get bites on her arms and legs. Now, I don't have bed bugs as a fact, and I'm sure I don't from her house because I haven't experienced any biting since I was there or since I left, but a site I landed on said that bed bugs can be attracted by warmth; such as, two people creating body heat in the same bed.

    She sent me a few pictures of her bites, which I will include at the bottom of this textwall. She says that they are itchy, sting, and burn. They look too big to be scabies, and she owns no pets, so it couldn't be rat mites, bat mites, or fleas; we haven't completely ruled out spiders yet, but there are so many that I'm doubting that it's from a spider or two. Sorry some of the pictures might not be clear, but I hope you can see some of the bites. If these are bed bugs, what are some good ways to get rid of them? Can you only use heat, or only use an exterminator? I haven't done too much research.

    And by the way, she didn't see any bugs when I told her to see if she could see any, and didn't see any kinds of nests behind her bed, and she usually just wakes up with them. The first time she had started getting bites are the last 3 pictures, and she woke up with fresh ones, which are the two pictures on top. These bites just seem mysterious to me...

    Here are the pictures:

  2. Bedbugmom41

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Dec 5 2017 13:53:58

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    It is not possible confirm bed bugs relying solely on bite.
    Your friend should read the FAQ on where and how to look for an infestation.
    Also, getting monitors is never a bad idea.

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