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Are these bed bugs?

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  1. albiemota

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sun Jun 30 2019 19:11:17

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    I had bites showing up on my ankles sporadically within the last month, but this past week I began waking up every morning with 2-3 new bites all over different parts of my body: forear, belly, side of belly, side of legs, mostly all places that touch the bed or are close to the sides I lay on. I examined my bed, box spring, couch, etc, and found no bugs, zero traces of anything like blood or skins or feces. Then I decided to check my nightstand and steam it with my handheld steamer, began running the steam along the edges inside the drawer, and this kind of “came out” as I was doing that. Does it look like a bb nest? Some other bug? I am lost and frustrated and terrified, have spread DE all over my perimeters and isolated my bed and putting rubbing alcohol over my body before bed, and still waking up with bites. I’m scared.

    Here’s the “nest”...?

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sun Jun 30 2019 23:53:01

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    That is 100% not bedbugs.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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