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Are these bed bug feces or cockroach feces?

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  1. Rackham

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 6 2018 13:21:10

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    Found these on the bed bug cover I I had on new mattress gotten shortly after last spraying. (Wrapped up mattress it was too stained) Last bed bug spraying was August 8th, prepping of house took longer so it was 4 weekly sprays instead of 3.
    I still havent found any casings or seen any bed bugs though I know we are also still dealing with an ongoing cockroach problem. There have been blood spots but I know for a fact Ive been anxious enough and itchy enough these could be from scratched open scabs. Even felt phantom "bug crawl" periods where Ive looked closely where I feel something moving and nothing.
    Found these today on a more thorough inspection. Just wanted to see if maybe its more of a cockroach issue then a bedbug issue.


    If it helps this was on top of an allerease maximum bed bug cover.

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