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Are these BB bites or....???

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  1. ap11385

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Aug 24 2010 12:37:43

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    So, im at a block party in Williamsburg this Saturday. Im wearing capris while everyone else has long jeans on.....

    I wake up this past sunday with about 12 bits on my lower legs (the exposed area the capris didnt cover). I write these off as mosquitos since the capris, a balmy party outdoors till 3am...etc...

    But im the type that never gets bit by skittos. These have to be the itchiest bite ive ever had. This conjured up horrible BB memories years ago when my roomate had them. I basically took just the cloths on my back (after basically boiling them) and moved out.

    So these bites are huge welts, some grouped in 2's, with a puffed head in the center and a pinkish circle around the rest. They itch like no ones business. Are these mosquitoes or BB bites?

    I tore apart my bedroom (im familar with that drill), encased the mattress, checked every nook and cranny of the bed base and no evidence or bugs. My boyfriend offered to be bait last night (I know how they favor one person over the other sometimes) so he can prove what I have is just old paranoia and some really bad mosquito bites. I havent been able to sleep for 2 days now. I cant go through that nightmare again. I lost everything I had during that experience. Please let me know your opinions on the bites.

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