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Are the bed bugs gone? Advice for moving

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  1. bedbugsindc

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Nov 12 2017 15:52:37

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    Hi everyone,

    The lease on my apartment was up so I decided to move. The landlord has refused to treat or even inform all adjacent units.

    The landlord sent an exterminator to come and do 3 chemical treatments. Since he came I have not seen any more bugs, but I'm panicky every time I feel itchy. Does anyone have recommendations for traps or detectors? I haven't seen anything in 2 weeks.

    Should I throw out my sofa and mattress? The sofa was pretty cheap and I'm scared of bringing them with me. I've been sleeping on my sofa all month so I wonder if that is more likely to be infected.

    Where/how do I dispose of them? I live in dc if anyone has mover recommendations.

    Thanks in advance!

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