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Are Overreacting or Is This a Bad Situation?

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  1. bedbugsinbrooklynfreakin

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Nov 20 2013 9:09:52

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    Sorry I keep posting here, I have an anxiety disorder and it's just been a whirlwind of fear/research/quick decision making.

    I just want the opinion of someone clear-headed and experienced.

    These are the facts:
    1. Of my 2 roommates, one found a live bed bug nymph in her bed after weeks of bites.

    2. That same day, I found a live adult in my bed.

    3. Upon stripping all the beds, we found no obvious signs of bed bugs anywhere but the first roommates sheets. (only feaces)

    4. We had a bed bug sniffing dog come in from a very well reviewed company (M&M Enviro in NYC) The dog hit on all the beds, a wall outlet behind a bed, and a spot in our hallway. The handler had pulled up all the beds/boxsprings and examined them but only found feaces on one bed (and when we looked at it, it didn't look like the pictures I've seen but I can post pictures if that would help). The handler also told us that he would estimate that we've had them for "over a month." We've lived here for 6 months.

    5. Our management company are essentially slum lords, they have several dozen open violations on the NYC Housing Department website, including 2 for bedbugs, a few for house flies and mice, and issues with the (very old) building generally falling apart.

    6. Our building is HUGE (it's a three building complex attached through the basement with about 42 apartments per building) and the wood floors are full of cracks/the boards don't always meet the floor).

    7. The management company has put me in contact with a PCO (and are paying for it) but the PCO company is very badly reviewed and the reviews state that they usually send out unlicensed people out to put the poison down. Though I did get a list of chemicals that seems to pass muster, they did send a pretty standard prep sheet, and have stated that it will involve at least 2 treatments (all good things, right?)

    8. We have three pets (2 cats, 1 rabbit) and though the PCO told me all the chemicals are safe for them after 4 hours, I absolutely hate the idea of exposing them. If it's not okay for an infants room to be treated with these chemicals I don't see how it's safe for all people and pets. Our rabbit is elderly, our cats are often sensitive, and I myself have multiple medical issues that make me very sensitive to chemicals on my skin as well as fumes.

    9. The PCO comes Tuesday of next week.

    Should we move out? Give it a chance? Is this likely to be a situation where we just need multiple treatments (and thus, multiple washings of all items, bagging of all items, and removal of the animals)?

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed Nov 20 2013 9:46:30

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    Until its confirmed by someone who knows what they are talking about I would say its mainly anxiety.

    Some of what you have said and in particular the K9 service does not stack up with what I know to be true.

    I would post images as the fastest way to get it confirmed and try to remain calm and keep this in perspective until then.

    Its always worth remembering that some of us deal with enough stressed and anxious people in the line of our work that we don't want to add extras when we don't get paid to share your anxiety load. Therefore calmer posts get better responses.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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