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Anyone who's had BOTH BB and Carpet Beetles?

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    Fri Sep 28 2018 22:08:23

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    Hi, long time no post. No problems for at least a good 6 months. I've kept my ClimbUp traps on my bed and my SafeRest mattress & pillow covers on and my bed away from touching anything, just in case. Maybe a week ago saw what after some Googling appeared to be a carpet beetle. Not knowing what their significance was, just flushed it down the toilet and forgot about it. Roommate says she's seen a couple more and some in the laundry room downstairs (shared, it's an apartment complex). Also found what looked like a stink bug in the bedroom and flushed it also.

    Within the last maybe 4-5 days, started getting itchy and what scared me the most, the random stinging sensations throughout the day, like I'd been chewed up by something. Became really depressed thinking we had BB again until I did some research on carpet beetles. If you could, just put my mind at ease: anyone who's had both, did the symptoms look and feel the same? In other words, the random stinging that's had me so worried? I mean, would it be easy enough by your symptoms with carpet beetles to assume it was BB? I'm actually praying it's carpet beetles. I would much rather that than BB. Yeah it feels unpleasant, and I'll find out what steps to take to get rid of them. But carpet beetles wouldn't depress me like BB would, if that makes any sense. Thanks.

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