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Anyone used ISOtech in Los Angeles for fumigation?

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  1. kansasgirl

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Nov 5 2013 18:53:50

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    ISOtech is tenting our house on Saturday – I’ve searched the threads here and am having trouble finding anyone who has used them for fumigation (with Vikane). Can anyone give me a thumbs up (or down)? It would ease my mind before shelling out the $3300 for this.

    A little backstory: we’ve had bedbugs for months now. We live in Los Angeles in an old 1928 house, very drafty, lots of holes and nooks and crannies and places for bugs to hide. We used a company that provides dogs and does heat treatments and had our first heat treatment back in July, treating just our 2 bedrooms, as that is the only place we’ve ever seen bugs. We found new bugs within 3 weeks, so the company honored their 30 day guarantee and returned for another treatment. And then we found more. And they returned again. And then we found more, and they returned again, and then they finally said that is 3 heat treatments didn’t work, it wasn’t working and they couldn’t do anything else for us.

    We’re pretty sure we got the bedbugs from our former nanny and now sometimes babysitter as she had bedbugs at her place. (She didn’t tell us until she needed me to write a letter to her landlord involving a dispute she had with him over hiring exterminators.) She swears the bedbugs in her apartment are gone now. Our exterminators believed she was re-infecting the house (despite her insistence she wasn’t), but the last time they came back to inspect, they asked us to have her there so they could inspect her too, and they didn’t find any bedbugs on her or her purse.

    I called ISOtech to inquire about fumigation. They said they never would have recommended heat treatments on our house because due to the structure and size, heat treatment would just force the bugs into better hiding places, which is why they never fully went away. They say that tenting the house will kill everything in it (including termites and silverfish, which we also have, so there’s a silver lining.) We’re also planning to fumigate our garage and our cars, and they will have a dog inspect us when we return to make sure we’re not bringing any back. They guarantee the treatment will kill all bedbugs in the house, but they don’t guarantee the bedbugs won’t return. I am terrified we are spending all this money and will still end up with bugs again.

    We also looked into chemical treatments where they would spray the entire house and come back every 2-3 weeks, but that entailed washing every piece of fabric in our house, which quite honestly seems like an impossible feat once I calculate the time and effort required, and it still didn’t guarantee it would get rid of them. I think Vikane is the way to go, just want a little validation that ISOtech is the company to do it. Would love any advice. Thanks!

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