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Anyone in upstate ny used Catseye or Meerkat or others?

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    Wed Feb 21 2018 15:48:59

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    I'm looking for a good bedbug treatment in upstate NY. Its a single family home, but self treatment has been going on for about 4 months so they're likely scattered.

    Catseye uses cryo and a risidual, which I've heard mixed results from, but their website seems to be upfront about their plan. However, they seem to leave a lot of prep to the client, which I'm skeptical about as well.

    There's also meerket who uses thermal and a risidual, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what else, and how long they've been doing this, and am worried about damages from improperly done thermal treatments. I also believe they're a relatively young company?

    Has anyone used either of these companies and could tell me if their bedbug treatments are successful? Or if there are other companies in upstate ny that are better that I could be looking at.

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