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Anyone else here been misdiagnosed as folliculitis...and what to do next?

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    Mon Feb 12 2018 14:52:22

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    I went to a derm this morning, who diagnosed me with folliculits. I do think this is a possibility with at least some of the bumps I have. For example, I have one on my neck that I know is not a bite, but did not really itch like some of the other spots. I have 4 spots on my stomach, left hip and low back, one on the inside of my knee and one of by my toe. Those are the spots I was wondering about, especially because the one on the foot looked like a small bite at first and they all were itchy for almost a week. It is possible that it's folliculits around my torso, since I often wear compression and/or high-waist leggings while exercising and get sweaty and those spots were often irritated by the waistband of my pants. However, my son had two bites each--one on the top of each foot. These were clearly bites and he reacted just the same way as when he gets a mosquito bite. Interestingly, before he complained of them itching I saw something flying in our kitchen and thought "What is that? A pantry moth? A mosquito?" It had been unseasonably warm those few days. In any case, we've inspected both my new used car (which I thought was the source of bugs) couch and beds and have come up with nothing. Oh, these "bites" appeared almost 2-3 weeks ago, and no other obvious bites since. Also, because we live on a larger lot with lots of plants and vegetation (as well as our own "lettuce garden" in a bedroom upstairs) and near a forest preserve, we do get a lot of bugs and spiders in our house.

    I also want to know what are the best preventative measures to ensure there aren't bed begs. How effective are the interceptors? I placed some under our bed 1 1/2 weeks ago and have come up with nothing.

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