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anxiety is too much; moving and need to share a vikane chamber

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  1. radicalacceptance

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Dec 5 2009 16:56:01

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    hi all,

    i'm in brooklyn and planning to move at the end of this month. is anyone interested in sharing a vikane chamber? the thing is, i dont actually have bed bugs (well, two PCOs have cleared me and I haven't seen or felt any signs of them but I rent a room in an apartment that is infested and undergoing treatment). i was planning on moving out of the apartment at the end of the month anyway, and now i'm freaking out because i dont want to have to stay and endure the anxiety of possibly getting them.

    i want to make sure when i move i dont spread them (even though i dont have them i'm going to assume i have been exposed to be safe). does anyone want to share the cost a vikane chamber? i dont have much stuff at all. i'm actually considering ditching all my furniture if i need to... whatever it takes to shed this constant state of paranoia and panic. the things i've read about the vikane chamber/truck move are seriously the most comforting thing i've read about in a long time.

    also, im currently looking for an apartment so if anyone is looking for an apartment or a new roommate and is scared because of the bed bug issue... we could explore the idea of starting over together... this trauma is ridiculous!

  2. bb_gave_me_ocd

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Dec 5 2009 19:28:16

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    Just PMed you radicalacceptance.

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