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Angry and desperate

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  1. bugshipcrazy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 12 2017 10:49:51

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    Hi. I've been living this nightmare for almost 13 months. This is how my story began, last August I went to a dermatologist with a rash that was diagnosed as bug bites. She told me I should have an exterminator come check my home (detached) for the dreaded BB's. I had two different exterminators come do a visual (at separate times). They tore the two bedrooms apart, found nothing and both told me I was clear. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and kept on with life.

    September comes and we are getting bit in my son's room and I find blood spots on the sheets. Call one of the PCO's, he comes back, finds no evidence and I beg him to treat the rooms. At this point my son and I are getting bit and blood spots on the sheet, and that was enough evidence for me. Both rooms get treated and I feel better.

    But, the damage was done in August. Getting the all clear, we went on with life. Three kids and a husband dragging pillows and blankets from beds to couches. We started getting bit in pretty much every room in the house. (3 story house with lots of stuff)

    I called again in late October. Again, they found nothing. I begged again to treat and asked to do the entire house this time. I was dealing with an exterminator at this point, not a Bb expert, and clearly had no idea what I was doing, which was making big time mistakes.

    The entire house was treated and I felt better. Went away. Had BB's in the hotel (confirmed by a k9, but never seen). Did I bring them??? After the k9 confirmation, I was 100% sure they were at my house, but hopeful they were gone since we treated the entire place.

    Came home, more bites, then they stopped for a couple weeks. Had a k9 come, found nothing. Bites started again in November. Had k9 come back again, positive find in my son's room. Still no bug found. Had house treated, this time 3 times, 3 weeks in a row. Son got bit in the middle of treatment, but I was told this was normal.

    January comes and more bites. Had entire house heat treated with a 30 day guarantee. I wS SURE this was the answer to my life of Hell. Bites started again shortly after and they made me use and pay for the k9 expert they suggested. I did and he found nothing, of course.

    Bites come again in February, call back the December pco. Dog comes, finds nothing. I beg to treat again.
    He tells me that basically I am crazy and this is in my head. He treats again, for the last time. Would not do again. But bites continue. Just finished my third treatment with another company and they find nothing but three of us got bit this week, me last night and blood stains in my sheets.

    I have tried desperately to find an entomologist to come study this case. Every expert I speak to basically tells me I am bat $&@" crazy, not in so many words, and brush me off.

    My marriage is suffering. We live out of bags. I have thrown out so much stuff. I have a cat. I treat her with flea medication and had a flea Bath.

    I have had my vents cleaned, used DE, used everything out There I could find. Nothing has worked. I'm broken from this.

    I am at my wits end. I don't want to live like this anymore, but I have no clue want to do. I am desparate for help, for a cure.

    Vikane gas the house? Does it really work??

    I have hundreds of pictures from the last year, including some from today. I don't know how to upload them from my phone, but I will share if I can Pm an expert.

    I'm looking for any advice or support. I'm hanging on by a thread.

    If any expert is willing to look at my pictures or tell me how to upload from an iPhone, I'm happy to do so.

    Thank you. 🙏🏻

  2. psychologically_messed_up

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 12 2017 11:15:53

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    I can only help with the uploading of photos...

    Create an Imagur or Flickr account, upload the photos, being sure to set them as public, and post the link to your photos here in a comment.

    Good luck!

    "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras" Theodore Woodward

    I am, by no means, a pro. I'm simply a person that has had unfortunate luck, and somehow acquired the little guys.
    Any/all 'advice' I have to share is based on my own personal history and/or things I've read from the professionals on this site.
    My profession is medical, which is where I am confident in any advice I give, however rare it may be.
  3. nomorebuggs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 12 2017 17:04:20

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    Yes, using imagur or flickr is the best way to share photos. There are instructions in the green sticky topics at the top of the forum. Most experts only address photos in public, not PMs, so the whole board can benefit.

    If there was never evidence found in over a year, it really may not be bed bugs. It could something like mites or fleas (even if the pet has been treated), and while the bed bug treatment methods may be slowing them, it may not stop them. Treating one pest varies greatly from another. K9 seems more likely to false positive than false negative, from what I have read. Have your exterminators looked for other causes? Other pests or rodents, or even mold?

    Blood on sheets can be from lots of things, like scratching any bite or rash. Our experts here state only live bugs, cast skins and fecal traces confirm bbs.

    Vikane does work, but it can be very costly. Heat treatment may be more economical.

    Also, please keep in mind that a dermatologist cannot diagnose bed bug bites. Only general insect bites, *if* they do a skin sample test. My bb bites looked nothing like most "classic" bites - mine were tiny, tight clusters of 5+ hard bumps instead of in lines. Some people get blisters, some get tiny flat red spots, some itch, some don't, and some get nothing. Medical diagnosis of bb bites is a guess at best.

    I don't think you're crazy. We're all here because we have or are going through this nightmare, but this board and our experts are really great. There is lots of info on detection methods, monitors amd traps which you may find useful in your situation.

    Best of luck! We're here to help.

    Not an expert. Any advice I give is information gleaned via anxiety-fueled research of credible sources and expert posts here. Please research all advice before treating and consult a professional.

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