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An update...long thread.. but request experts to read and comment

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  1. yikes_bugs

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Dec 29 2015 1:53:04

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    An update on my situation. This is the previous thread but I am posting the timeline and my situation again. Just wanted to see what the experts, Jim, P Bello, nobugs, Lou, KQ etc think. Can I breathe a little easy? My main concern is my wife is pregnant and we cant use pesticides

    (Actual)August 15th: Came back to our apartment after spending 7 nights in a hotel. Daughter did not show any bites in the hotel.

    (Approximate)August 29th: 3 year old gets up with multiple swollen welts

    (Approximate) August 29th to September 19th: Talk to daycare, visit doctors, send photos to friend and family trying to understand what those bites are from

    (Actual) September 13th: A cleaner cleans out a bed bug nest on daughter’s mattress. Never tells us till we ask her on November 23rd.

    (Approximate) September 29th: Finally see a bed bug in daughter’s room while its biting her. Kill and throw away the bug. Move her to my bed.

    (Actual) Oct 1st: PCO comes and checks, says sees nothing, cant treat. Remember that I did not know that the cleaner had cleaned a nest. He thinks I had a straggler and its gone

    (Actual) October 14th: Spot another bed bug when I visit her room. Note that no one sleeps there at this time. No bites in the other room. It’s a male bug probably not an adult.

    (Actual) October 20th: PCO still does not find any signs and just does a preventive treatment along baseboards with Temprid SC. After the treatment we asked the doctor and she told my pregnant wife absolutely no pesticides.

    I continue sleeping in the room. Don’t think I got bites but I think I only react in some parts of the body. I spoke to heat treatment guys.

    (Actual) November 2nd: Heat treatment guys comes to check and cannot find a single bug or any signs. Does a very thorough check. Says can’t do treatment

    (Actual) November 3rd to November 22nd: We are all out of the apartment because of a work trip
    (Actual) November 23rd: Canine inspection. Canine showed some interest but no confirmation.
    I continue sleeping in the room with climb ups and all that. No bites, no fecal signs, interceptors are clear. I don’t have box spring, mattress is encased and bed frame is a barebones metal frame with six 2 by 2s that I use to balance the mattress.

    (Actual) November 26th onwards: Daughter and I continue sleeping. No bites

    (Actual) November 29th: Daughter spots male bed bug on carpet. Unfed male bed bug

    (Actual) December 6th: Applied Cimexa around baseboards, around climb ups, on bed frames, carpet under the bed. I thought since the male bed bug was under the bed probably moving around the climb up, if I apply cimexa under bed it will take care of such stragglers.

    (Actual) December 15th: Got up with what I thought was a bite, but now I think it may not have been. No fecal stains (although my frame is black) and no bugs after thorough search.

    (Actual) December 26th: Wife has bite like marks all over her stomach. She is pregnant and gets itchy a lot on the stomach so we are not sure if these are bed bug bites. Also, this is a different bedroom where there were no bugs because they never bit my daughter and now there are climb ups. I checked the bed frames, encasement but saw no fecals. Considering the number of bites (if they are bites) we saw there has to be fecal, but we maybe missing something

    In summary:
    Daughter has not been bitten since October 20th. Of course we were out for 24 days in between. Except for the unfed male bug I found on 29th Nov, I have not spotted a single one. Even though there is Cimexa all over the frame and carpet underneath it I have never seen a dried up bug
    What do experts think looking at the dates and my sitaution?

    Help me analyze my situation.

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Dec 29 2015 9:25:26

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    If you've gone thirty days without seeing anymore bugs, you're probably more than halfway there. Keep checking for fecal.

    PCO and inventor of a bio active bedbug trap

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