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An Ode to the Bedbug

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  1. OhNoes

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Sep 23 2011 8:14:49

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    Cimex lectularius,
    not friend but foe?
    Cimex lectularius
    time for you to go.

    Uninvited you came
    to my castle, my home,
    oh what a shame,
    around here you roam.

    I found you lurking
    all around my bed,
    my couch and my table,
    it's not in my head.

    We are not friends,
    I don't care where you're from,
    we will not live together,
    I'll now beat my war drum.

    I've called a real friend,
    a killer is he,
    he's got lots of sprays,
    to prevent your flee.

    He'll track you and find you,
    take aim and you'll be,
    another dead bedbug,
    and soon I'll be free.

    (too all of my new friends and comrades here, I wish you all the best of luck in your own fights against these evil bastards. I woke up this morning (4 nights since my 3rd treatment and have not found anything. I even bought a cheapo butterfly chair so that I can actually sit in my apartment now. I believe my confirmed my suspicions about the infestation... I found a bedbug on the wall... painted over... they were here when I moved in. But, the struggle continues, and I won't relent. I hope you don't either.)

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