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Am I in the clear?

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  1. pgv93

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sun Jun 8 2014 21:38:39

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    Hey everyone,

    My roommate and I live in Chicago and started getting large swollen bites all over our bodies (neck, feet, hands, back)

    They swelled up like spider or mosquito bites pretty bad so we brushed it off as "spiders" for a month and a half. I was convinced it wasn't bed bugs--my sister had them and I knew all the signs to look for and didn't see any fecal spots/bugs in any of the typical hiding places. I first talked to the landlord and he said we were the only ones with this problem. I now suspect I got them from a refugee family i tutor that lives in a pretty run down, dirty, low income apartment complex.

    I finally gave in and called the exterminator... He said "well looks like a duck, sounds like a duck so I'm gonna say it's a duck." I painfully waited the three days until he came just awaiting the verdict. He came and inspected both of our beds... the only evidence found was ONE exoskeleton on the underside of my box spring. Soooo he sprayed EVERYTHING in our apartment, set off bug bombs, the whole nine yards. We immediately dried all of our bedding, clothing, linens, essentially anything fabric.

    I put mattress covers on both of our mattresses at this point as well.

    He came back a week later for a second round. My roommate had gotten three much smaller bites (like pin pricks) on her chest and I had nothing. He sprayed again and said that should be the end of it.

    WELL... my roommate got a single bite on her face two days after his spray (not itchy at all though like our other ones...) so I freaked out and bought mattress covers for our box springs too.

    At this point I have duct tape traps on all the legs of our bed and all our furniture, fuming with paranoia.

    Then I get two ITSY BITSY bites on my foot about 5 days after his second spray. I'm wondering if it even was a bed bug because it's so different from my previous bites.

    NEED ADVICE... Why did we both react so badly for the first two months to all our bites and now are getting very very small ones? Does this mean nymphs are biting us? Can one person react differently? How will we know we're in the clear? What else can I do?

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