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Am I in the clear?

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Mar 15 2012 4:48:16

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    So, I've had these diabolical parasites for a month now. I was getting bites all up and down my body, face/neck/arms/legs etc. I called an exterminator who had several positive reviews regarding the eradication of bed bugs. Also, had a three month warranty. Exterminator sprayed the whole 3bd apt with Temprid. All clothing was put in sealed bags and taken in shifts to the laundromat. One week and no bites....and now, Just as I was beginning to feel slightly ok being in bed, I wake up with one bite. Are they definitely back? I'm having a nervous breakdown! Noooooooooo. How effective is Temprid? The exterminator mentioned that he will drill holes in the walls and spray inside if they weren't dead after the one shot. Anyone heard of this working? I'm seven months preggers and NEED this gone. I am not coping well!

    I've seen it mentioned that clothes that are washed and dried at high temps should be unpacked right away? I waited a few days to get some of my bedding to the laundry (although it was sealed), was this my fatal (ok ok not actually fatal) error? ACK? Advice? Can anyone offer hope?

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