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Am I Crazy, or Do I Have Bed Bugs?

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  1. Katie10m10

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Wed Nov 14 2018 16:39:33

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    So I'm not sure if I'm going crazy or if I actually have bed bugs.

    The Story:
    Probably early August I drove up to school for the first time all summer and was laying on my bed at my apartment. In the corner of my eye I noticed something crawling, I focused my attention towards the movement and noticed a very very small clear bug with a little black mark on its butt. I squished it and just figured it was nothing. Late August, early September I finally moved back in and began school. September 12th I was laying on my bed after class when the same bug caught my eye again, this time I was more curious. I trapped the bug under a glass, observed it for a minute and then squished it again. Upon my investigation, I concluded it was an unfed bed bug nymph. I immediately stripped my bed of all linen, emptied my drawers of all clothing and placed them into garbage bags and washed and dried them on high heat. I then put all clothing into vacuum bags before returning them to their rightful place in my room. I removed all wall hangings and inspected them as well as my bed and bed frame. nothing. I vacuumed and then decided that the bug could have been anything since I had no bites, and no signs of an infestation. (my bed and pillows already had bed bug proof covers on them since the time of purchase). About two weeks ago I returned from a friend's house early in the morning and laid down for a nap before class, about an hour into my nap I received a phone call and suddenly woke up. I lifted my head from my pillow and saw a flat brown bug scurry across my pillow. I then trapped this bug under a glass, observed it and made my roommate flush it down the toilet. I positively identified the bug as an adult bed bug. I then lost my sh*t. I wiped all furniture down with antibacterial Mr. Clean, rewashed pillows and bedding, and completely fumigated my bedroom to the point my roommate and I had to leave our apartment all together. I returned home feeling easy, I still had no signs of bed bugs: no fecal matter, no bites, no staining, no bugs in set traps, so sightings other than the one in action, and I felt easy that I have eliminated all areas for hiding. two days ago I woke up to a red bug slowly struggling it's way away from me, I picked it up with clear packaging tape and laminated it for study. It was a nymph that just fed but I still remained unaffected. I contacted my leasing office and they assured me that I was insane, that if I had an infestation I would have bugs in the traps and bites. They then told me that wintergreen rubbing alcohol was a good way to kill bugs, so I drove my as* to the nearest store and bought 4 bottles of wintergreen rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, and a 4 pound bag of D. Earth powder. I again stripped all bedding, washed and dried on high heat, and heavily vacuumed. I then completely saturated the baseboards of my carpets with wintergreen alcohol, spraying a strong stream directly into the crack, first in my roommate's room along the shared wall of our rooms, and then the complete perimeter of my bedroom. I let the solution dry and then deposited the D. Earth powder into the crevices. after letting it settle, I pushed the powder deeper into the crevice with an old gift card and applied another treatment. I currently have three different traps in my room to monitor the bed bugs but still NOTHING and still no signs of an infestation.
    is it still early? everyone thinks I'm crazy. what can I do.

    I have:
    No staining
    No bites
    No fecal matter,
    No skin casings
    No Bugs in traps
    No other bugs other than the single ones spotted

    What do I do

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Wed Nov 14 2018 16:54:43

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    Best thing is to post a few pics of what you've found.

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