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alternative to ZipLock/Luggage liner/clothing encasements? or BB-proof dressers?

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  1. purplegrrl

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat May 12 2012 0:38:40

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    I'm moving to NYC and want to be really pro-active about preventing BBs. Yes, we will check the BB registry before renting and ask tenants in the building if possible if they have had BBs. But I was thinking, I'm going to be buying all-new furniture. Has anyone invented Bed Bug Proof dressers, armoires, or clothing storage? I've searched online and I just see BugLock garment containers, which get poor reviews (rip too easily etc.); and the following product:

    I have a vision of a dresser made of hard, steamable plastic or metal with no crevices to harbor bugs, and in which the top of the drawer has a really reliable and re-usable cover that seals with a bed-bug proof zipper. This way, bugs can't get into your clothes and you simply take them straight from a hot dryer into their bug-proof drawer... no having to get ALL your clothes cleaned if/when an infestation breaks out.

    Anyone know of such a product? Or a furniture designer I could hit up to patent this idea?

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat May 12 2012 1:40:46

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    I think your best bet in NYC is monitoring to detect and treat a bed bug problem early, rather than trying to make individual furniture items impenetrable.

    Passive monitors may also help keep a problem localized to an easily treatable area. (Click the Useful Stuff tab at top -- there are links to FAQs about passive and other monitors there).

    Also remember before signing a lease, you should get a rider disclosing the building's bed bug situation (whether any units have had bed bugs in the last year, whether your unit has, how either of these was dealt with). This is a law in NYC and will get you a lot further than the bed bug registry -- which many don't use.

    Keep in mind also you may be better off with a landlord who reports bed bugs and has a good response to "how were these cases dealt with" than with one who's had no bed bug reports in the last year. Because bed bugs do happen, and it's how the landlord reacts to them that suggests whether this might be a temporary inconvenience or a nightmare.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. Deytrollin

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat May 12 2012 22:10:44

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    Well they sell cheap plastic dressers at places like target, but they don't have zippers or anything in them. I don't know if they can be steamed. It doesn't hurt to have plastic/metal furniture but you should caulk the walls too if you do that because I personally think they will go into the walls/baseboards if furniture isn't comfortable for them.

    They'll find SOMETHING to live in so buy/make a passive BB alert for them. In combination
    with plastic furniture, encasements, air mattress and caulking, the passive will be more effective I think. (disclaimer: this is conjecture based on things I have heard here about their behavior).

    If you want to use the bags: I like space bags brand bags. Especially cube bags. bought from the convenience store. They don't rip or tear unless I put sharp metal things in them, or pull them out from under other bags while they're full. They're super durable but soooooo expensive (10$ a bag) and hard to close if you get the double seal ones.

    Though living out of bags all the time in fear of BBs is worse than living with bedbugs. I think. They will come anyway if you're exposed somehow, will find somewhere else to hide, your landlord will have to treat etc.

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