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Altered reaction in very short period of time?

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  1. juliusjlr

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 22 2018 14:25:22

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    So I'm traveling abroad in Europe. I started waking up with bug bites while I was in Poland 3 weeks ago and immediately heat-treated all of my clothes several times as well as threw out a whole bunch of stuff to statistically reduce the chances of things that could potentially carry bed bugs. I stopped producing new bites at night and thought I had lucked out and defeated the little pests. That is until this morning. I woke up with 4 new bites on my arm (now in Romania). The thing is my bed bug bites always pretty much looked and felt the same. These new bites are much larger and don't itch quite as much as the previous ones. In the picture you can see the difference in the old bites (now dark scars) compared to the new bites (larger red welts closer to my elbow. Is it possible that I'm reacting differently to the bug bites now, or is it more likely that they're some other type of insect bite. I'm hoping for spider bites because I did find one or two spiders in the hostel here in Romania.

    I have thoroughly inspected my bags and have found no sign of bed bugs in them or on any of my clothes at any point.

    Basically the points I'm trying to find out are:
    1. Is it possible/likely to begin reacting to bed bug bites so differently in such a short time span?
    2. Does it make sense that I would be consistently getting bites, then stop getting bites altogether for 2-ish weeks, and then suddenly begin producing bites again?

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 22 2018 22:02:33

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    I suspect you’re reacting to something that’s happening where you are now. You can’t assume any of the skin reactions were from bed bugs unless you saw evidence of bed bugs. (There’s no photo link in your post, but no one can ID bites anyway.)

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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