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Almost a year bed bug free

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  1. AA

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Sat Jun 22 2019 14:42:16

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    In July 2018, we discovered we had bed bugs and carpet beetles. It started with bites that triggered my family member's eczema to break out in rashes.

    It was an awful experience and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. We even slept in our car or a hotel for a couple nights because we were tired of getting bitten.

    Even after professional treatment and throwing out half our possessions, it turned out our neighbors have repeatedly had bed bug infestations and the landlord wasn't going to do anything about it. So, even if we got rid of bed bugs, chances are they would come back.

    In August 2018, we moved out and now live in an apartment with vinyl flooring only. Everything fabric has been heat treated and stored in air-tight containers. All of our furniture stands on climb-up intercepters, surrounded by DE. We've essentially bed bug-proofed our new home.

    The beg bugger forums helped me through everything and reading success stories kept me hopeful. I promised I would post here after a year, so I'm here to say, "You can do it!"

    On the bright side, it was a good chance to declutter!

  2. blackavar

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Sat Jun 22 2019 19:10:38

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    Congratulations! Here's hoping you never have them again!

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