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Allergic reactions to pesticides used by pest control

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  1. Alleyanne

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Jun 5 2017 21:35:55

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    So I am happy to report that I had my third and hopefully last treatment on Thursday 6/1/17. I have not seen any bbs and have been keeping my hopes up. But I have come to get some support because I have noticed that I am having a reaction to the pesticides. I have extreme contact dermititas and usually break out in hives on certain patches of m body if they come in contact with different materials. Since the pco sprayed the third time I have noticed lot of hives. I know that they are not bites because they are more white and they do go away in a few hours. Though sometimes when they first show up I think they are bites and if they go away I know they were hives. My feet and legs are burning. The thing that seems to make me upset is that we have a one year warranty meaning that I can not wipe the chemicals from my walls furniture carpet etc. for one year. Which he specifically said I can not shampoo my carpets ( I cried because I usually do it about every two weeks) so that will be tough. But I was wondering if anyone has experienced a reaction from the chemicals.

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