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All the typical bed bug anxiety + a looking for passive monitor tips

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  1. losingmymindhere

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Mon Sep 23 2019 14:56:49

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    I moved out of a bb-infested apartment last February, and for the most part, it's been a successful move. A few bite-like skin reactions over the last few months but nothing I've been able to prove, so I've done my best to keep it out of my head, although not always successfully. 

    The bites have recently increased a lot, and while I objectively know that it's mosquito season & they're probably just mosquito bites, I can't stop thinking about it! They're not all reacting the same way, and even though I objectively know that you can't diagnose any kind of bug just based on the bites, I'm obsessed. (Adding to my anxiety, I recently found that my cat had ripped open a hole in a sealed bag of things I hadn't been able to treat in my old apartment.) 

    I've had passive monitors placed on my bed since I moved in six months ago. (I do have a metal bed frame. I know it's not ideal but a new bed is not a realistic purchase for me right now.) I saw one small spot on the monitor a month or two ago, but it looked more like a metal or grease mark from the bed frame. Tested the spot with Bed Bug Blue and there was no sign of blue, so I'm assuming it's not a fecal spot. 

    But I'm stuck thinking about my passive monitors. Do I need to clear everything out from under my bed/eliminate all other potential harborages for them to be effective? I just recently placed one on my couch too, thinking that metal bed frames often cause spreading within an apartment. 

    Can anyone else share their experiences finding evidence of bed bugs on passive monitors? I know the studies show that they can detect bb presence within 12-72 hours of placement in a bb-infested home, but how long does it really take to detect an early infestation? 

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Mon Sep 23 2019 15:59:17

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    No evidence is good news, especially after that amount of time.
    If it eats it poops; there would be clear evidence at this point.

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