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After exterminator spray treatment

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  1. JCW

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 15:39:04

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    Hi all,

    I have been battling bed bugs for almost a year, on and off. I thought I was in the clear last professional inspection and let my guard down a bit.

    On Thursday, I found an adult B.B. crawling up my bedroom curtains and immediately got the exterminator on the phone. While here doing his inspection he found a baby on the back of my headboard and said it doesn’t look like there’s a serious infestation, but recommended treatment.

    The treatment happened the net day, Friday. My entire house was turned upside down, and sprayed and I’m slowly putting everything back together, along with washing every article of clothing (oh, about 20 large garbage bags!!)

    There qas no aftercare instructions left and unfortunately it’s the weekend so I can’t call to ask.

    I’m wondering if it’s okay to vacuum yet, and wash my curtains (which were left up). I hesitate to do either right now as I’m not sure if I’ll wash the spray off and run the risk of them coming back.

    So far I’ve put double sided tape on each night stand legs, and taped over all electrical outlets, running lavender oil through a diffuser in my bedroom (I know, but I’m trying anything at this point).

    Do you vacuum after treatment? My house is all carpet aside from kitchen and basement.
    Does anyone have definite aftercare tips or suggestions?

    I will be getting the exterminator back in, in 20 days regardless of if I find anymore signs.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Jul 15 2018 15:52:00

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    You could remove the curtains and wash/dry on hot...but be sure to bag them in the room, and drop them directly into the machine if you do. If you chose to wash them, I would not immediately put them back up. ...alternatively, you can leave them there with the pesticide. It's really just up to you on that one.
    double sided tape does not work. Order or make some climb ups for the legs.
    I would not vacuum until you can speak to your PCO. If he used dusts, you may remove them with the vacuum.

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