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Afraid to sleep.... Please help!

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  1. Neelix

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Jun 5 2012 4:34:59

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    A few days ago I notice a few small brown spots on my bedspread. I thought it was strange, but somehow I brushed it off as nothing. Tonight, I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom, came back and my cat was licking the brown spots. He left, and I got a wet wash cloth and started to scrub. I didn't get all that much done before I decided to research. (I love researching... but not when it comes to pictures of creepy bugs at 4 in the morning!) I found a page on bedbugs, and signs of them. (My hand was covering the side of the screen with lots of pictures of those nasty little things.) I realized that a few days ago I had a bug bite that I thought was a mosquito bite on my leg, that was probably a bed bug bite.

    That's the only one I've noticed, but there are quite a few freckle sized brown spots on my light blue comforter, but none on my sheets or pillow cases.

    Sooooo, I've decided that it's very very likely that I have them (In an early stage), and they are hiding in my closet.

    I have a loft bed, but the past two weeks I've had my mattress on the floor... against my closet door. It's right up against the wall/closet doors on three sides.

    None of my family has seen any... We just moved here some five months ago, and were in rout for about a month before we got out house.

    I removed my comforter and sheets, and thoroughly sprayed them all with lavender spray (which I now know was a waste of my lavender oil... Darn. I use that in EVERYTHING.)

    I'm now just sitting in out living room, waiting for a family member to wake up... (Which won't be for hours. I don't like this at all....)

    I just have to say, that if it weren't for my stupid laptop, I would be happily sleeping right now. That and my need to research anything and everything. Sorry World Wide Web, I'm not very happy with you.

    If we are infested though, at least I know.... I'll have to talk to my mom about it when she wakes up... (In about four and a half hours... Oh joy.)

    So the point in my posting this, is I wanted opinions and possible advice on what stage/how many there could, theoretically, be? (Or if they really are bedbugs, but the stains on my bedspread look right...)

    Also, are there any good Pest Control people in the Norfolk VA area? Ones that will be willing to go through the hassle of getting on base? (We live on a military base that is guarded)

    So thanks in advance for your help... I'm fourteen and I really need my sleep. I'm not to keen on waking up at four in the morning and staying up because I'm to afraid to sleep in my bed.

  2. brooklyn_bites

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Tue Jun 5 2012 8:42:23

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    Hey Neelix, I'm sorry you were bit by something. Please check the FAQ's on this site to search for clues. If you have one bug bite that looks like a mosquito bite... chances are good that it is actually a mosquito bite. Brown stains on sheets could be anything, compare to photos of fecal stains in the FAQ. They are very unique. Try your best to stay calm and talk to your parents about your concerns.

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