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Advice on how to properly clean my couch

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  1. Ash225

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Wed Jan 16 2019 19:10:42

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    So after dealing with bedbugs for 8+ weeks, I FINALLY found one on the couch.
    So far, I’ve found a total of 4 on my bed frame, and i just found this one on the couch a couple of days ago. I had searched the couch numerous times and hadn’t found any activity.

    Because I don’t know WHERE on/in the couch they are harboring, i’m not sure how to go about this. I vacuumed the couch, but where do i go from here? I can steam it, but I guess i just have to steam every square inch. Oy vey. I ordered more passive monitors(i stupidly didnt put one on the couch when i had put one on our bed), and will place one on the couch.

    Also, i leave tomorrow for a 10 day vacation. I keep having this fear that they will spread to our neighbor while we are gone (hes aware of our situation). Or that they will start biting my cat. It’s making this vacation way less exciting. I understand that we don’t have a crazy infestation, but it it’s still giving me plenty of anxiety. I’ve been doing my best to stay calm, and just keep our place as clean as possible so we can inspect easily. Also, I’m obviously worried about bringing them with us on vacation. Big thanks to everyone on this forum for being such a huge source of support, and knowledge.

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