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Advantage Pest Control Toronto Review

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    My landlord called them to inspect for bed bugs. They left a mess in my bedroom and stained my white sheets and some clothing. I tried washing it out but it's still there. I think the dog pooped in my room and they tried to clean it up because I could smell the stink after they left. They should've told us after the inspection. In addition, the inspector asked about my bites. I said they itched and he said that it's not bed bugs. I'm sorry, but everyone reacts differently. I don't even react right away - takes about a day. Quite disappointed by the lack of professionalism. This is what happens when they kick you out of your unit while performing the inspection - they can say anything, do anything, and basically get away with anything. Who knows if they even actually performed the inspection? Be warned and always check forums first as professionals post their advice on the forums. Photo proof attached.

    931 Progress Ave #12, Scarborough, ON M1G 3V5, Canada
    +1 416-297-8010

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