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adjusting to the office environment

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  1. zomgbbs

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Fri Aug 6 2010 11:55:02

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    hey all,
    so i'm back at work today, was sitting in my cozy computer chair and realized i had a bite on the back of my knee which just started itching. obviously it could have been an old bite, or one procured by a mosquito just walking down the street this morning.

    but what i'm left with is: what if my chair got infested before i caught the infestation at home?
    how do people handle this concern?

    the chair is now on a timeout on the fire escape at work, hoping that anything there will be driven out by the heat, and i am sitting in a nonporous wood chair with a metal frame. i am obviously taking preventive measures within my home, but am now left wondering... what if my nice clean outfit, fresh out of the ziploc on my way out the door, just got reinfested by my chair, and will be on me the rest of today? it'll get bagged for laundry as soon as i get home, but until then... scary!

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