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A question about DE and Cimexa

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    Tue Aug 7 2018 10:12:22

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    Hey y'all, I know there are a multitude of posts along "which is better, DE or Cimexa?" And the general consensus seems to be Cimexa. This is not one of those posts.

    After my treatment three weeks ago I bought some Gardensafe brand "DE". One of it's usecases on the bag was bedbugs, reviewers online store by it. It isn't pure DE though. It's an insecticidal powder containing DE. Later I'd read about Cimexa and have begun wondering if perhaps I ought to have gone the Cimexa route. Anyways I was looking at the SDS sheets for my DE to figure out exactly what it is. The SDS sheets lists it as 85% Silicon Dioxide, 15% other. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the SDS sheets for Cimexa, which notes that it's compared of 89-95% Silicon Dioxide and no notation of what the rest might be.

    Now both contain large amounts of the same active ingredient. I figure both products are essentially "the same" by looking at the SDS. Or would it be worthwhile to sink the $12 or so into a bottle of Cimexa because there's something I'm failing to understand?

    All in all, after the initial treatment I hadn't found any bedbugs for about 3 weeks. I was just getting ready to start putting things back where they belong in my apartment, but decided to do one more in-depth inspection. All seemed pretty well inspecting my bed, pillows, sheets, frame, etc. Until I found one live unfed nymph on my wall behind my bed as I was scanning it with a flashlight. I called my PCO and he swore that the nymph was probably just a recent hatchling, and that his insecticide lasts for 90 days, so it was probably greeting death when I found it that afternoon. I'm not completely sure how much I believe him though. Maybe I'm just paranoid. So I'm keeping all my stuff bagged, continuing to inspect every day, and hoping for a day where my life can get back to normal. Haven't found any adult bed bugs since the initial treatment. Just that one nymph. Y'all think I should shell out for another treatment? Or should I wait until I find an adult to deem my apartment "still infested"?

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